Arizona Colleges Covet Out-Of-State Students

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Greg Rudolph had narrowed his choice to two universities by March of his senior year.

One was in his home state of California, the other in Arizona.

Lots of factors came into play, but one helped cement his decision. On two separate visits to Arizona State University, he got the impression college officials really wanted him there. In California, he felt he would be just a number.

It’s no accident that Rudolph, now a junior majoring in business, ended up at ASU. Pursuing out-of-state students has become a key strategy for all three state universities. They hired more recruiters to target students in other states. They beefed up advertising in high-traffic areas such as Southern California airports. And their presidents even persuaded the university system’s governing body to temporarily raise a cap that used to limit out-of-state, undergraduate students to 30 percent. On Friday, the regents are expected to vote to extend the temporary cap of 40 percent through January 2015. Some regents favor making the change permanent.

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