Appalachian Bible College partners with MBS Direct

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Appalachian Bible College has officially partnered with MBS Direct in order to further their tradition of serving students on the path to ministry.

“We have been very pleased. MBS Direct made the entire process very easy and worry-free, “said Ken Lilly, Vice President for Business. “I wish our institution had done this a few years ago, but we’re glad that MBS Direct is now allowing us to outsource a costly, time-consuming task and will continue to help us help our students!”

By partnering with MBS Direct, Appalachian Bible College has made it easier than ever for their students to browse for and purchase course materials. MBS Direct’s Virtual Bookstore gives both traditional and distance-learning students quick, easy access to the textbooks they need, with a variety of purchasing options including:

Used books: up to 25 percent off the list price

Marketplace: up to 95 percent off the list price

Rental: up to 60 percent off the list price

Digital: up to 80 percent off the list price

Guaranteed Buyback, which is unique to MBS Direct, is an additional option that can save students up to 70 percent. Because in-stock items ship within 24 hours, students get their course materials when they need them, and a 99.95 percent order accuracy guarantee ensures that the right books make it to the right hands.

MBS Direct also provides expert customer service to assist students at every step of the ordering process, with 24/7 support available by phone, email or live chat.

For more information about MBS Direct, click here or follow @MBS_Direct on Twitter.

About Appalachian Bible College

Appalachian Bible College is West Virginia’s only accredited Bible College offering a variety of educational opportunities, both on campus and online, for individuals interested in full-time ministry. Learn more at

About MBS Direct

MBS Direct, LLC is the industry leader in providing virtual bookstores with comprehensive print and digital inventories of course materials. Founded in 1992, MBS Direct partners with nearly 950 K-12 and higher educational institutions, for innovative bookstore services. In 2013, MBS Direct serviced over 1 million students, in partnership with client institutions, saving them over $28 million through cost savings initiatives.