Antioch College will cover your $121,000 tuition bill if you act now

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A small college is trying to save itself by letting students attend it for free.

Antioch College, a century-and-a-half old school in Yellow Springs, Ohio, nearly shut down for good in 2008, but a loyal alumni base saved it and reopened the school in 2011.

Now the college is extending a final offer to have your entire tuition bill paid for.

Antioch's Horace Mann Fellowship is a merit-based scholarship that covers four consecutive years of full-time tuition, valued at $121,000. Since the college's reopening in 2011, they've extended the offer to every accepted student working towards an enrollment goal of 250-300 students. But the school says incoming freshmen in the 2014-15 academic year will be the last time an entire class receives this financial aid package.

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