Annual Fund Operating Report Update to Reeher Platform Gives University Advancement Leaders New View of Success

Ann McClure's picture

For Advancement Vice Presidents and Annual Fund Directors, the reasons behind what’s driving results for annual giving are often murky at best. While a glimpse of participation rate, donors and dollars isn’t hard to find, reasons for progress or decline can be hidden. Large gifts, shifts in participation and the inherent challenges in an institution’s ability to acquire new annual fund donors obscure understanding of what’s really driving changes in results. The paradox is that this understanding of improvement drivers is critical to sustained success for annual fund.

The new Annual Fund Operating Report feature in the web-based Reeher Platform has been created to fill this gap. This new tab in the Annual Fund Dashboard gives annual fund leaders an immediate picture of results in key areas of their program, such as summaries by Retained Donor Migration, Giving Level, Channel and Relationship Type, among others. These indicators are presented in dynamic tables and can be compared to previous years to reflect shifts in results and progress based on changing tactics.

The Web-based Annual Fund Operating Report features an easy-to-use interface and gives leaders the ability to drill into year-over-year trends in donors, cash giving, giving levels, donor type and much more.

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