Announcing Ellucian Payment Center by TouchNet

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Ellucian and TouchNet today announced availability of a centralized payment system that will help institutions of higher education streamline their accounts receivable and payments processes. Campuses throughout the world will now be able to offer synchronized and secure payment processing through a new payment engine, the Ellucian Payment Center by TouchNet.

“The world of electronic payments and campus commerce continues to become more demanding and complex every day,” said Mark Jones, senior vice president and chief product officer of Ellucian. “Ellucian customers will benefit from a single platform to manage payments that is integrated with their Ellucian solution.”

The new Payment Center will provide colleges and universities with a base module that is rich in user features and is PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant. It offers campus constituents a wide range of payment options, from credit cards, debit cards, and ACH (electronic checks and funds transfers) to international wires. The Payment Center will support Banner® by Ellucian, Colleague® by Ellucian, Ellucian Advance™, Ellucian Recruiter™, and PowerCampus™ by Ellucian.

Payment Center gives students self-service access to real-time account balances as well as the ability to make electronic account payments, manage online payment profiles, and designate authorized users who can make payments on their behalf. It gives campus administrators a single sign-on administrative center, including the Payment Center Dashboard, to monitor and manage payment transactions.

“In keeping with the Ellucian XE vision, this highly functional Payment Center can be easily expanded to a fully unified and comprehensive campus commerce system,” said Dan Toughey, president, TouchNet. “Upgrade modules include self-service payment plans, electronic student refunds, online storefronts, cashiering, POS capabilities, and more. The ability to remain flexible and expand the system as needed provides a real value.”

For more information visit Ellucian.