Analysis Shows Hundreds Of Rehired Univ of Wisconsin-Madison Retirees Return For Years

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More than half of the 447 people UW-Madison rehired after they retired have been on the job for more than one year, the limit set by the university under a new policy last month, according to a State Journal analysis of data provided by the school.

Thirty-eight of them have been working for more than a decade as rehired annuitants, which means they earn both a paycheck and a pension. A handful stayed more than 15 years, and one technician has worked for the last 21 years at 60 percent of full-time, earning $34,975 a year in salary alone, the analysis found.

The new UW-Madison policy states hiring of retired employees is intended for short-term needs only, and the amount of time should be limited to a year, except in special cases. The university is reviewing the employment of each rehired annuitant, except for those under a set contract.

As the state grapples with what to do with retired employees who earn both a salary and a pension, universities are in a unique position.

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