Amid Protests by Students and Others, CUNY Trustees Vote to Raise Tuition

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With a raucous protest outside summoning all of the volume, but not the violence, of a similar clash last week, City University trustees approved on Monday a series of $300 annual tuition increases that will extend through 2015.

The first of those increases, to $5,130, already took effect this year. The board’s 15-to-1 vote will raise tuition for undergraduates at CUNY’s four-year colleges to $6,330 in 2015-16, with about $500 a year in additional fees. The State University system’s trustees recently approved a set of parallel increases.

Hundreds of students at Baruch College in Manhattan took to the street outside the building where the board met, chanting “Abolish the board of trustees” and “CUNY must be free,” banging drums and waving signs, and protesting that students could not afford an increase that will reach 31 percent over five years.

They were joined by a large contingent of professors and scattered supporters from labor unions and other groups.

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