Americans' trust in online higher ed rising

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Americans' trust in the quality of online colleges and universities is steadily rising. More U.S. adults, 37 percent, now agree or strongly agree that these institutions offer high-quality education than did so in 2011 (30 percent) when Gallup first asked this question. Roughly one in four (27 percent) disagree or strongly disagree.

These findings are from a Nov. 25-Dec. 15, 2013, study by Gallup and Lumina Foundation with a random sample of more than 1,000 U.S. adults. The research shows that while online higher education institutions have made progress on this measure, they still operate at a deficit compared with other traditional educational institutions. Far more Americans agree or strongly agree that community colleges (58 percent) and traditional colleges and universities (77 percent) offer high-quality education compared with online institutions.

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