American Digital unveils robust managed services solutions for private cloud environments in the higher education industry

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American Digital Corporation, an advanced Information Technology (IT) Solutions provider for over 25 years,  has announced it will now offer its innovative managed services solutions for deployment in private cloud environments by enterprises using managed SAP HANA™ software and organizations in the healthcare, financial, higher education, and media industries.  

SAP HANA is a scalable, secure, open-standards platform developed by SAP AG to enable customers and partners to rapidly build cloud-based business applications that extend the value of their SAP enterprise software.  American Digital adds value by providing users with end-to-end support in the planning, migration and implementation of applications to private cloud environments, as well as ongoing managed services to ensure seamless operation.

“Although leading industry analysts such as Gartner are forecasting rapid growth of cloud computing technology and mobile communications, many firms are not sure of how to proceed with the planning process and the actual migration and deployment,” stated Bill Loupakos, vice president of professional services for American Digital.  “Our robust portfolio of managed services for private cloud environments can help them overcome the complexity and also provide their IT personnel with the knowledge transfer they need to effectively manage their cloud applications.”  According to a Gartner research survey, by 2014, IT organizations in 30 percent of Global 1000 companies plan to deploy two or more cloud services for internal and external users, up from 5 percent today. 

American Digital builds its Private Cloud and Managed Services on a simple but effective four-layer solution stack designed to assemble infrastructure managed services into a computing “as-a-service” model.  Service stacks can also be deployed within existing computing environments for on-premise service and utility. The stack’s foundation is based on a high-performance infrastructure powered by HP hardware and American Digital integrates the necessary hardware as part of a monthly or annual service to each client. The second layer is a shared services layer providing base services commonly required by SAP HANA.  

In implementing the third layer, all the necessary computing, network and storage resources are provided to enable client applications, with American Digital’s Professional Services team assisting in custom design, migration and support.  The fourth and final layer provides strong security controls to protect client data, even beyond the client’s compliance requirements.  American Digital’s purpose-built SAP HANA stack accelerates planning, migration and deployment in private cloud environments.

About American Digital

American Digital is an advanced IT solutions provider helping firms harness the power of complex technology solutions.  Focused on customer service, the company designs and implements the best IT infrastructure to help enterprise clients recognize true IT efficiency and achieve their business goals. With headquarters in Arlington Heights, Illinois American Digital has been servicing hundreds of satisfied customers for over 25 years in a variety of markets including healthcare, manufacturing/distribution and higher education.  For more information visit: