Alvarez Says U Of Wisconsin Athletics Is Writing New Procedures For Serving Alcohol Off-Campus

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University of Wisconsin athletic director Barry Alvarez said this week his department is in the process of crafting written procedures for serving alcohol at off-campus functions. Without a written policy, Alvarez said the department's oversight of alcohol at events had "probably" become lax.

"We will make sure people understand that anytime we serve alcohol it has to be pre-approved, whether it be a banquet, whether it be any type of function on or off campus," Alvarez said Monday.

The initiative comes in the wake of a report alleging a former senior UW Athletic Department administrator hosted a party before the Rose Bowl where underage students were served alcohol. The investigation into John Chadima and an alleged sexual assault after that party prompted the university to review its current alcohol policies.

That review, by vice chancellor Darrell Bazzell, is underway and there is no timetable for its completion, according to Vince Sweeney, the vice chancellor for university relations.

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