All University Of Montana Students To Take Tutorial Addressing Sexual Violence

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Calling it a critical component of creating a violence-free campus, the University of Montana this week unveiled a first-of-its-kind tutorial aimed at addressing sexual violence and personal behavior.

All students attending the university will be required to watch the tutorial and pass a quiz with a score of 100 percent before registering for second semester classes.

“Evidence suggests that a one-time shot, like a lecture or a program, has an impact, but the impact reduces over time,” said Danielle Wozniak, an associate professor in the School of Social Work. “This tutorial is more than a one-time lecture. We really wanted to create a dialogue around this because that, too, becomes part of the intervention.”

Dubbed “Personal Empowerment Through Self Awareness,” or PETSA, the new tutorial marks a bold move for a university looking to end lingering myths on gender interaction and stem sexual violence by changing cultural behavior one person at a time.

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