Alabama A&M Dorm Without Hot Water For Seven Weeks And Counting

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A dormitory for female students at Alabama A&M University has been without hot water for almost seven weeks, and the same students endured the warmest March in more than 100 years without air conditioning.

The air conditioning has been repaired at Palmer Hall but there is no timetable to restore hot water, according to Alabama A&M Vice President Wendy Kobler.

Students at Palmer Hall have been offered the opportunity to move to nearby Thomas Hall in the middle of the semester, but 95 students have chosen to remain at Palmer. Kobler said she didn't know how many students chose to move.

Parmecia Jones is a two-time graduate of Alabama A&M whose daughter is a freshman at A&M and lives in Palmer. Jones said she has heard little concern from Alabama A&M administrators about dorm conditions.

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