Alabama A&M 'Confident' It Is In Compliance With SACS Principles

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Alabama A&M University, according to the school president, is now positioned to address most of the concerns expressed by its accrediting agency.

At a campus meeting on Friday, the trustees approved new board bylaws, policies for the faculty and staff handbooks. The approval of those agenda items are critical to satisfying the inquiry from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Alabama A&M President Dr. Andrew Hugine said Friday.

"We should have now the information, the policies and procedures we need to craft a response to the Southern Association for many of the concerns and issues they have asked us to respond to," Hugine said. "Not all of them, but many of the issues they have asked us to respond to, we do have the information we need to respond to that. We feel good about that."

A board committee spent weeks working on the bylaws, attempting to bring them into accord with a new law passed earlier this year that clarified the role of the trustees.

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