Agent-less Identity Solution for BYOD Networks from Impulse Point

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Impulse Point, provider of the industry’s most scalable, and easiest to deploy and maintain BYOD management solutions, has introduced a new identity-based device registration solution, Identity•Connect, to assist the growing need to identify, register, and track personal (BYOD) devices on the network.

Identity•Connect is a bundled (hardware and software) solution able to automatically identify personal devices connecting to the network and associate the user’s identity to newly assigned IP addresses. This means that users will not be asked to reauthenicate multiple times a day as their mobile device transverses a wireless network. Identity•Connect is a completely agentless solution that works across wired, wireless, or VPN networks.

Identity•Connect adds several new features especially important to BYOD and utilizes Impulse Point’s SessionsTracker technology to deliver the real-time identity-to-device association information required to maintain “identity persistence”. The solution comes complete with integration hooks to DHCP, LDAP and RADIUS so that IP address, MAC address, and user identity are easily correlated.

Identity•Connect also has the ability to associate a single user to their multiple devices. This user-to-multiple-device tracking means that this information can used to apply bandwidth allocation or firewall settings by user and across all their devices.

Identity•Connect also has the ability to integrate support for third party network management devices such as web content filters, bandwidth packet shapers, next generation firewalls, and Security Event Information Management (SEIM) devices that require real-time identity-to-device correlation to deliver identity-based policies.

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