After Penn State Scandal, U-M to Sset Expectations for Employees who Suspect Abuse

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The Senate Advisory Committee on University Affairs voted to approve a resolution to set expectations for a university community member who suspects criminal activity.

The resolution is in response to last month's Penn State scandal, in which university administrators were accused of covering up alleged child sexual abuse by longtime assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky.

The resolution expressly states that faculty should come forward if they suspect sexual misconduct or abuse. It also seeks the formation of mentorship training and education programs and requests that university administrators closely review all U-M programs that work with children.

"It is critical that students, staff, faculty and administrators take individual responsibility in matters of suspected or actual criminal activity," the resolution states. "This is true both for witnesses who believe they have credible evidence of criminal activity and for victims who may be reluctant to take on seemingly daunting and powerful opponents."

Coleman, who spoke at the advisory committee's public session Monday, said university administrators are in the process of creating a task force to examine policies for recording, reporting and preventing abuse.

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