After 42 Years, Last Original Howard Community College Professor Retires

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Watching from his office, Vladimir Marinich would see everything from deer to cows wander onto the campus of Howard Community College. It was 1970, and the new college had about 560 students and one building nestled between a farm and some woods.

Now, 42 1/2 years later, Marinich's office on the Columbia campus is surrounded by buildings and more than 14,500 students roam the campus.

"I had always wanted to teach in a college," said Marinich. "I don't think I meant to stay (this long), but the idea of being a part of a college that was just starting out — I could really be a part of this thing. And I stayed more than 42 years."

The last original faculty member at HCC, Marinich, 76, is retiring this month.

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