Advocates for State Universities, Community Colleges Complain Of Neglect

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Gov. Dannel P. Malloy's plan for a $2 billion long-term science and technology initiative at UConn has left some educators in the state university and community college system feeling slighted.

"It's more than disappointment. I'm really angry with the administrative structure of higher education," said Candace Barrington, an English professor at Central Connecticut State University and formerly president of the faculty senate there. "We don't have anybody promoting us. To put it crudely, we're like a red-headed stepchild."

The issue surfaced this week at the legislature during a hearing of the appropriations committee as it analyzed the budgets of the University of Connecticut and the Board of Regents for Higher Education, which oversees the state universities and community colleges.

"We have a lot of colleagues who are saying: 'What about our [state university system], what about our community colleges?'" said Rep. Toni Walker, co-chairwoman of appropriations.

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