Admissions Launches 3-D Website, Application Portal for Prospectives

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In an effort to expand the transparency of the admission cycle and give prospective students greater access to information on residential life, the UR admission office has officially unveiled two unique Web applications.

"RocRes" features a 3-D dorm room, 360 degree panoramic views and interactive images of UR’s campus — all with a focus on providing an inside look at what it’s like to live on the River Campus.

“Several students wanted to know more about residential life even after they had a campus visit,” Satyajit Dattagupta, director of enrollment communications, said. “We’re trying to give students as much information as we can and make [the site] fun for students to explore residential options.”

Dattagupta spearheaded the creation of the site, which was done exclusively by in-house graphics designer James Arnold and flash developer Dainius Jasinevicius.

The site, which can be accessed from PCs, tablets and most mobile devices, will be especially helpful for international students who do not have the opportunity to visit campus prior to applying, Dattagupta added.

The process of creating the site’s high-quality graphics took nearly six months, as each building had to be drawn from scratch and then modeled in 3-D — an even more impressive feat given that UR did not hire any outside web developers, Dattagupta said.

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