Administrators with fewer credentials often outstrip tenured professors in pay

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In today’s competitive workforce, the pressure to obtain a bachelor’s degree is greater than ever, but most people believe they’ll need an even more advanced degree to land a high-paying job.

University professors nearly always aspire to doctoral degrees. But paradoxically, they often earn less than campus administrators with vague job descriptions, and with far fewer credentials and less tenure than the educators themselves.
According to data obtained from the state of Oklahoma website OpenBooks, the average annual salary for an administrator at Northeastern State University is $72,750, which excludes additional pay for teaching or other benefits.

American School Search, a website that provides U.S. college reviews, ratings, cost and information about faculty and salaries, indicates NSU has 328 full-time faculty members. Their monthly salaries range from $36,000 to $96,000. The average full-time faculty salary is about $67,000 per year, which is 17 percent lower than the state’s average faculty compensation. It’s also about $5,000 per year less than the average for NSU administrators.

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