Adding 2+2 To Equal Five

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When Diana G. Kimball ’09 was in her junior year at Harvard, she got a phone call from her father. He had just read an article in the Wall Street Journal announcing a new program at Harvard Business School that he thought would be perfect for his daughter.

At her father’s recommendation, Kimball read about the 2+2 Program, which invites students to apply to Harvard Business School in their senior year of college. Admitted students are asked to spend two years in the workforce before completing Harvard’s two-year MBA program, hence the name.

Kimball, a history concentrator at the College, applied and got in.

She spent two years working at Microsoft’s Silicon Valley office and a short time at a start-up company, but her plan to return to Harvard was always at the back of her mind. “I entered a romantic relationship early in my time in San Francisco, and on our first date, I had to disclose that I was moving in two years. It made it difficult to settle down in some ways.”

As the first class of students admitted to the 2+2 Program, including Kimball, wraps up its first year at the Business School, the difficulty of structuring one’s early post-college years around a two-year plan has become apparent.

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