Ad Astra Launches Industry's Only Visual Academic Operations Metrics in Data-Rich Dashboards

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Overland Park, KS - Ad Astra Information Systems announces the new Ad Astra Dashboards that provide advanced data visualization for roll-up and drill-down of data in its products Astra Schedule and Platinum Analytics, and a KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Dashboard that provides critical comparative data with peer institutions. They are the industry's only dashboard products that provide academic operations metrics and peer institution comparative analysis.

"Ad Astra recognizes that in today's challenging economic environment, higher education institutions need analytic tools to help identify areas of improvement in capacity and scheduling, and ultimately resulting in better management of resources," said Tom Shaver, CEO and Founder of Ad Astra Information Systems. "The dashboards provide rich data analysis in an easy-to-navigate format that is extremely useful for better decision making."

Ad Astra Dashboards are available in the new Astra Cloud hosted solution, which is capable of extracting data from Ad Astra customer installations of Astra Schedule and Platinum Analytics databases over a secure Site to Site VPN connection.

Customers with a subscription license to Astra Schedule or Platinum Analytics Dashboards receive a new tab called "Dashboards." From this tab, end users can view and interact with data visualization dashboards that they have licensed. KPI Dashboard access is available from the product, if licensed. Metrics can be updated by accessing Astra Schedule data. If Astra Schedule is not licensed to the institution, a URL will be provided to allow for access.

Astra Schedule Dashboards offer data-rich metrics for end users to effectively identify areas of improvement. Astra Schedule Dashboards provide an analytical view into Astra Schedule to measure capacity, space and time utilization, academic operations, optimization scenarios and even roll-up data.

Platinum Analytics Dashboards provide the results of analysis runs that can be viewed and filtered by top-n/bottom-n findings, academic colleges, and academic departments to manage and share planning data.

KPI Dashboards deliver the metrics and findings from a Strategic Scheduling Checkup in roll-up, drill-down charts and graphs and provides access to peer comparative data along with your institutions percentile rankings. A subscription to these dashboards refreshes the data two academic terms per year to measure longitudinal improvement in academic operations effectiveness.

KPI Dashboards provide valuable peer comparison metrics. To learn more about the new Dashboards from Ad Astra, higher education end users should contact, Ad Astra Information Systems at

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