Accused Of Phony Credentials, Kean University President Will Respect School Board's Judgment

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The president of Kean University, who is facing charges he misrepresented his academic credentials on resumes, said he will respect the decision the university’s governing board reaches when they meet Wednesday.

In an interview with The Star-Ledger, Dawood Farahi said he understands the seriousness of the allegations, but he criticized members of the faculty union who brought the issue to the board of trustees and seek his dismissal as a "reckless" group who have a vendetta against him.

In his nine years as president, Farahi has constantly battled with union members who claim he does not put education first and has buried the school in debt. But the 63-year-old president said he is steadfast in his belief that he has made the right decisions in leading the 16,000-student public university, pointing to the school’s rise in enrollment and its pristine campus. Farahi acknowledged, however, his reform efforts have not endeared himself to professors, whom he asked to work harder, hold more office hours and submit time sheets.

"It has been painful, but it’s part of the job," Farahi said. "When you go through a level of transformation of a university that I’ve gone through, you expect some of it. Sometimes you get hit harder than normal.

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