AAC&U Annual Meeting to Address Ensuring the Quality of U.S College Degrees in an Age of Austerity and Disruptive Innovations

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More than 1,800 educational leaders from across the U.S. and abroad—presidents, provosts, deans, faculty members, and students—are expected at AAC&U’s Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, later this month.

Participants at the meeting will explore a wide range of new approaches to ensuring the quality of college degrees. AAC&U’s 2013 Annual Meeting is designed to engage leaders from across higher education with pressing questions about how the academy is adapting to globalization, demographic change, rapid technological advancement, and renegotiated political and economic relationships. We know that pressures within higher education are encouraging transition and transformation, while external forces are demanding greater accountability and affordability. We also know that in such a shifting landscape, it is possible to lose focus on fundamental issues of the quality of student learning. The Annual Meeting will reflect on this challenging moment in the history of higher education.

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