AACC Offers Credits For Experiences Outside Classroom

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Anne Arundel Community College is offering course credit for those who have accumulated years of skills in a particular field outside the classroom.

The program, called the Prior Learning Assessment, is designed for former college students who have been in the workforce for many years and are headed back to school to gain more college experience or update skills for current jobs, school officials said. The school will hold information sessions Oct. 13 and Nov. 10, and recently began registration for its winter term.

"We have a lot of adult learners who come with experience in the workplace and volunteer opportunities who are coming with college-level learning and trying to translate that," said Frances Turcott, director of AACC's off-site and weekend college program. "They are also coming out of the military, and we recognize that that is valuable learning as well."

The school offers credit for proficiency in areas related to college-level courses. Among the 30 courses for which AACC awards credit are American government, calculus, principles of macroeconomics, introductory psychology and U.S. history. Students can then use those credits toward gaining a degree at AACC.

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