Stimulating Innovation with e-Portfolios

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According to the influential AAC&U report Making Progress?, “The e-portfolio is an ideal format for collecting evidence of student work.” But how do you know you’re making the most effective use of e-portfolios to promote innovative approaches to learning? 

Join us for a free one-hour webinar (Thursday, January 31, 2 PM Eastern) on Stimulating Innovation with e-Portfolios with presenters from AAC&U and Loyola University Chicago. Dr. Rhodes explains why the AAC&U considers a combination of e-portfolios and scoring rubrics to be “the most promising strategy for both assessment and improvement.” 

Dr. Green and Ms. Kehoe contribute their on-the-ground expertise in using e-portfolios to transform pedagogy at Loyola University Chicago. They describe how the Center for Experiential Learning uses e-portfolios to promote critical reflection in programs such as service learning, academic internships, student employment, and undergraduate research. They also explore how e-portfolios are used in the gateway to the university’s “Four Year Plan for Student Transformation,” which provides high-impact experiences and milestones for undergraduates.