575 College Campuses Choose Student Aid Services’ Net Price Calculator to Provide Families Accurate Cost Estimates

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Many of the more than 6,800 post-secondary schools nationwide will risk showing more expensive price tags than their actual costs this fall when prospective students and their families begin using online net price calculators (NPC).  But as many as 1,500 schools will generate more accurate estimates of eligibility for all types of financial aid, net price, and out-of-pocket costs. Student Aid Services, the market leader in providing predictive NPCs, is working with 575 campuses to give prospective students and families useful insights into what an education will really cost before applying.

To meet a federal requirement to post a net price calculator on their Web sites by October 29, post-secondary schools have the option of using the free “federal template” calculator, building their own or posting one built by an NPC provider.

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