3 Protesters Arrested At U Of California Regents Meeting

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Three protesters were arrested Thursday at the UC Board of Regents meeting, when a few dozen activists, some stripped down to swimsuits, called for more transparency in state funding talks and an end to tuition hikes.

The students used the public comments portion of the meeting held at UCSF to accuse the regents and UC President Mark Yudof of being out of touch with student needs and questioned Yudof's support of a tax initiative that protesters say would not truly benefit public education. They said they were also upset that officials were holding a meeting during spring break when many students would not have been able to attend.

Tensions increased when board Chairwoman Sherry Lansing ended the comments period before everyone on the speakers' list had a chance to speak, students said.

"I have spent almost 22 hours round trip just to get here and they say they don't have time to listen to everybody," said Shelby Cohantz, a junior at UC San Diego.

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