2nd Radiologist Alleges Racist Talk

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A University of Iowa radiologist’s legal battle to save his job escalated dramatically Friday with another radiologist’s claims that a department head repeatedly made racist and exploitative remarks about employees and an accusation that officials paid hush money to keep quiet the “defective treatment” of patients.

The claims were made in court documents filed Friday as part of Dr. Malik Juweid’s lawsuit claiming he is the victim of racial discrimination and retaliation for raising questions about the overuse of X-ray scanning on patients by U of I physicians.

Juweid, a 50-year-old Jordanian-born U.S. citizen, has been at odds for more than a year with his superiors, including Dr. Michael Graham, director of the nuclear medicine division; Dr. Laurie Fajardo, chairwoman of the radiology department; Dr. Lois Geist, associate dean of the medical school; and Dr. Paul Rothman, dean of the medical school.

Tom Moore, a university spokesman, said Friday that school officials would not comment on any of the allegations.

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