1st Year Behind Her, Herbst Keeps Pedal Down On UConn's Mission Of Ambition

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A year on the job and the question isn't whether University of Connecticut President Susan Herbst is up to the job. It's whether we're ready for her.

"I'm not a incrementalist,'' Herbst told me recently when we met to talk about her first year in Connecticut. "I am moving as quickly as I reasonably can to help UConn march forward."

That's for sure.

In the past 12 months, she's cleaned house in the executive offices. At a time when public universities are slashing and burning, she's adding hundreds of professors and raising tuition. She may have failed to keep the men's basketball team eligible for the post-season next year, but she pulled men's hockey out of oblivion and signed a new high-profile (and controversial) TV contract for women's basketball.

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