$170 Million Campus Renovation gets OK from Kent State Trustees

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Within a year, Kent State University's main campus will be in the midst of a $170 million renovation thanks to action taken by its board of trustees Wednesday.

The Kent State University Board of Trustees approved issuing $170 million in 30-year, general receipt bonds Wednesday afternoon to pay for the renovation of the now 101-year-old main campus. The vote follows about three years of discussion over a campus renovation plan that, at one time, carried a $250 million price tag.

Kent State President Lester Lefton called Wednesday a historic day due to the passage of the bonds.

"There will be new buildings, there's no question about that," Lefton said. "It will probably be 10 to 12 months before there are shovels in the ground. Inside of two and-a-half years this place is going to start to look very different."

What colleges those new buildings will house and where on campus they will stand won't be decided for at least the next four to five weeks as both board members and university administrators finalize the renovation plans. The new buildings will be within the existing campus footprint.

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