15 Percent Tuition Approved At FAU; Denied At Other Schools

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In a surprise move, a state board has approved a 15 percent tuition increase for Florida Atlantic University and Florida International University, after denying the same request at some other schools.

The Board of Governors initially split 8 to 8 on both requests, which would have meant a defeat. But board member Norman Tripp, a former member of the FAU Board of Trustees changed his vote on the two South Florida schools, giving them the needed votes.

The board has approved the University of Florida's request for a 9 percent increase, the University of South Florida's 11 percent increase request and New College of Florida's 15 percent increase. UCF was initially denied a 15 percent tuition increase, but was granted it after a revote at the end of the meeting.

The board voted for a 13 percent request for Florida State University, 12 percent increase for Florida Gulf Coast University and Florida A&M University and the University of North Florida and 14 percent for the University of West Florida, all lower than what they requested. Schools have five days to appeal if they were unhappy with the board's decision.

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