15 At Colby Sanctioned For Sexual Misconduct

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Colby College, a small liberal arts school in Maine, has found that the actions of 15 students violated the school’s sexual misconduct policy, leading to suspensions and campuswide soul-searching.

While administrators are silent on the specifics of the November incident that sparked the investigation, they said students committed a range of infractions, from sexual misconduct and sexual harassment to lying to college officials and conspiring to obstruct an investigation.

A dozen students were suspended for a semester or more, two students voluntarily withdrew from Colby, and one case is pending.

“The severity of the sanctions should make it clear that we have taken these cases very seriously and that we will not tolerate behaviors and actions antithetical to our community values,’’ college president William D. Adams said in a Jan. 12 e-mail to students and staff. “I want to assure you all that our process was exhaustive, complex, and fair - conducted without prejudgment of the outcome.’’

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