‘Hunger Games’ Parody By BYU Students Has Moms Laughing

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The movie "The Hunger Games" has inspired students in a Brigham Young University film class to create a short parody, "Real Hunger Games: Mom vs. Hungry Kids."

In the two weeks since it first appeared online, the video depicting a mother running away from hungry kids has drawn more than 53,000 views, a news release said.

The parody was created as a promotion for the first season of a web series produced by BYU students, "Pretty Darn Funny." Deseret Book launched the family-friendly comedy in April, and each of the six episodes has attracted more than 3,000 views. Two of the six have attracted more than 15,000 views.

An undergraduate film class under the direction of associate professor Jeff Parkin produced the series during a winter semester, according to the release. The 25-student class served as writers, editors, crew members, post production supervisors and even puppet masters for the series.

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