ÜberResearch launches beta platform for funders

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ÜberResearch, a leading provider of software and solutions for grant-funding organizations, announced today the launch of the ÜberResearch beta for scientific funding organizations. The announcement is made in collaboration with 18 development partners from the research funding community. The ÜberResearch beta solution will allow organizations to search global grant, publication, and author databases, compare overlaps between proposals and prior awards, assign reviewers based on robust functionality, and perform advanced portfolio analysis for reporting and decision making.

“The solution is unlike anything available in the industry,” says Christian Herzog, Managing Director of ÜberResearch. “In the past, our team has helped some of the largest global funding organizations tackle these challenges – and we are drawing from that experience.”

The ÜberResearch beta solution was created by the development staff who built the most advanced US and European science funding solutions. “Unfortunately, those historical solutions were large custom projects for big clients,” explains Herzog. “With ÜberResearch’s beta platform, the company has taken the best capabilities of these solutions, made them simple, standardized and cloud-based, and delivered them at a price point every funding organization can afford.”

The funding community is ready to embrace these principles. “Situational awareness in science funding, the systematic ability to instantly look across funder portfolios during planning and review, is not readily available to most funders,” says co-founder Ashlea Higgs. “Most research funders cannot easily compare notes in an apples to apples way- and this is what we would like to enable for all science funders. The results will be more data-driven perspectives and better decision making for the entire community.”

ÜberResearch expects to launch an updated platform beta in February and a Version 1.0 of the platform in late Spring 2014 in conjunction with their development partners.

About ÜberResearch

ÜberResearch is a leading provider of software solutions focused on helping funding organizations, non-profits, and governmental institutions make more informed decisions about science funding. The company’s cloud-based platform provides better views of an organization’s grant data, peer organization activities, and the data of the funding community at large. The software functions span search and duplication detection to robust tools for reviewer identification and portfolio analysis. ÜberResearch does business globally and has main offices in Cologne, Germany, London, United Kingdom, Washington DC (USA), Columbia, South Carolina (USA) and other European and US locations. For more information, visit www.uberresearch.com or follow @uberresearch on twitter.

ÜberResearch is a portfolio company of Digital Science – a technology company serving the needs of scientific research. Operated by Macmillan Science & Education, it offers a range of range of scientific technology and content solutions, from intelligent knowledge discovery tools to software applications for the laboratory and decision support systems for managers. For more information, visit www.digital-science.com

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