2010 spring honorees

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A Good Walk Spoiled

Information Technology Systems Division, University of North Carolina, Wilmington

Now that the graduate admissions office is no longer inundated with paper, staff can focus on getting applicants an answer quickly.

Key Enhancements

Facilities Management, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Shop staff can stay on task when requestors want an update, as electronic status checks are simple.

Portal Authority

Division of Academic and Information Support Services, University of St. Francis (Ill.)

Admissions administrators can view reports of applications that have come in.

Blackboard Certified

Department of Enrollment Management & Student Affairs, Wentworth Institute of Technology (Mass.)

In-person student leader training is quicker and less costly because of the initial online training.

Integrated Interface

Information Services, Central Methodist University (Mo.)

Director of Admission Larry Anderson and his staff, including Jennifer Shepard (left) and Mary Hrdina, can now make scholarship offers faster and with more accuracy.

No Paper Cuts

Enrollment Management, University of the Arts (Pa.)

The whole Document Imaging Taskforce can gather in the space of the Enrollment Management office that was reclaimed from file storage.

Efficiency Fix

Facility Services at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

The maintenance shop crew's headquarters are in the basement of the housing complex. The crew includes staff with various areas of expertise.