Transforming how business is done

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When the academic services office at the University of Oklahoma’s College of Arts & Science first deployed Laserfiche’s ECM technology, it had two initial business objectives for moving to a digital format, says Rhonda Dean Kyncl, assistant dean for the office. First, it wanted to protect student records against a natural disaster, and secondly, it wanted to serve its students in the most efficient possible way. However, she says, as the office began going through the conversion, it realized this technology would benefit not just the students but the college faculty and staff and their colleagues across campus as well.

“The technology has enabled us to increase our efficiency on all levels, saving us time and money and space—the three cost centers of our unit,” Dean Kyncl says. “Where we used to hand-carry folders and records from office to office, we now send them electronically. We respond to records requests from across campus within minutes because they are digital; and we respond to student requests for records within minutes. ECM technology has revolutionized the way we do business.”

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