The Harman Innovation Awards at UBTech

The annual Harman Innovation Awards at UBTech celebrate innovative higher education institutions and their use of AV and IT technology in 5 categories: 'Campus Impact', 'Classroom Design and Implementation', 'Audio Experience', 'Video in the Learning Space', and 'Active Learning Space'.

The award program is open to all colleges and universities, regardless of existing vendor relationships. The winner in each category will receive $25,000 of product from Harman and its subsidiary brands, and will be recognized in University Business magazine. The awards ceremony will be held at the Mirage in Las Vegas on June 6, 2016. Learn more about UBTech.

The 2016 finalists have been selected.

  • Arizona State University: ASU Decision Theater Network
  • Austin Community College: Austin Community College ACCelerator
  • Belmont University: Belmont Large Theater
  • Belmont University: R. Milton and Denise Johnson Center
  • Duquesne University: FlexTech Classrooms: Our Active Learning Spaces
  • East Stroudsburg University: C.R.E.A.T.E. lab
  • Franklin University: Transparent Justice
  • Indiana Tech: Collaborative Learning in Active Spaces
  • Laval University: Research laboratory in ear training and instrumental didactics, LaRFADI (Laboratoire de recherche en formation auditive et didactique instrumentale)
  • Loyola Marymount University: Loyola Marymount University Life Sciences Building
  • Nevada State College: Maximizing Audiovisual Impact to Enhance Communication in School’s Largest Expansion
  • Pitt Community College: Centralized Digital Displays
  • Rhode Island School of Design: Rhode Island School of Design
  • RMIT: Converged AV
  • Samford University: The Collaborative Experience
  • Shenandoah University: Inspired Performance
  • St. Edward’s University: St. Edward's University Embraces Global Learning with Video
  • Temple University: Modernizing Classroom Technology
  • University of Essex: Recording Solution for Nursing Skills Lab
  • University of Houston- Dowtntown: Girard Street Welcome Center
  • University of Nebraska- Lincoln: Manter Hall Anatomy Lab Remodel
  • University of Ottawa: CITE: Centre for Innovative Technologies in Education
  • University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg: Emergency Operations Center (EOC)/Smart Classroom
  • University of Queensland: Campus Digital rollout - closing the digital loop
  • Western Carolina University: BYOD 2 Learn – Killian 219


Campus Impact

Projects in this category incorporate AV for an impact beyond a single classroom and even a single building. In one or more ways, these projects touch on the entire campus by improving communication, building community, and increasing prestige. Applications will most likely include audio, video, control and lighting elements in the total scope of the project.

Classroom Design and Implementation

Projects in this category use AV to improve the dynamics of everyday instruction and learning. We’re looking for projects that go beyond simple technology installations. Applicants should demonstrate how the technology is actually used by instructors and students.

Audio Experience:

In all learning spaces clear and effective audio delivery is key to learning. Applications will share an example of how audio technology is used to improve or create an effective learning environment.

Video in the Learning Space

In today’s learning spaces clear and effective video delivery is key to learning. Applications will share an example of how video delivery technology is used to improve or create an effective learning environment.

Active Learning Space

Today there are more “hands on” or active learning spaces on campuses than ever before. Many of these learning spaces require unique uses of technology in order to allow those experiences to be shared by other students. Applicants will share an example of an active learning space and how the technology was implemented to make the space work for all learners.

2015 Innovation Award Winners

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