America's Love-Hate Relationship with Immigrants

One college president questions the renewed animosity toward this group.

Virginia Schools in a Privacy Pickle

A well-intentioned state law raises significant data privacy risks for institutions and their students.

Effective July 1, Virginia higher education institutions have been required to electronically transmit to Virginia state police the following on each accepted applicant: name; Social Security "or other identifying number"; date of birth; and gender.

Business Continuity Planning

George Mason University's executive enterprise risk management approach has helped in building responses to "what-if" scenarios.

Hurricane Katrina and other natural disasters, the ongoing threats of terrorism, and the auditing profession's increased emphasis on business continuity planning have captured the attention of higher education executives.

The Attributes of a Diversity President

A college or university in search of a chief executive officer has the opportunity to make a statement regarding diversity.

Taking the Pulse of the Humanities

The federal government should play a greater role in tracking humanities indicators.

It is very good news that the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (AAAS) has received funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation for its Humanities Indicators project. Without baseline information about the state of the humanities and systematic tracking of changes over time, no informed planning is possible by liberal arts institutions and others concerned about the health of these fields. At the same time, the foundation's generous grant does not ensure the collection and publication of reliable data over time.

Going Green While Saving Green: Testing the 'Green' Philosophy

Does building green make sense for the bottom line?

Viewpoint: What Academic Affairs wants from the Business Office

A former provost and colleague make a case for integrating academic and business affairs.

A More Effective Investment Committee

There's a better way to meet challenges facing these teams.

Investment committees of higher education institutions face a daunting task of meeting their fiduciary responsibilities. In other words, they bear the brunt of ensuring that the investment portfolio is properly managed. The committee has the legal responsibility for managing the school's money.

Resonant Leadership in Higher Education

Leaders who are highly attuned to themselves and the greater world exemplify effectiveness

In the past decade, tremendous changes throughout the world have impacted the way we conduct business, interface with our global neighbors, lead our colleges and universities, and educate our students.

Real World 101: A New Paradigm in Higher Education

Teaching life skills is a priority for this president.

What is the purpose of higher education? It's a question we should ask ourselves daily.