Tech Management for Nontech Managers

A broader understanding of the function of technology is necessary for leaders and nontechnical managers.

Data Breach Incidents

Don't assume a breach has happened before an investigation has been done.

The Ins of IT Outsourcing

Learn the facts behind seven common misperceptions of outsourcing information technology on campuses.

FOR MANY, THE WORD "OUT-sourcing" conjures up images of jobs being lost overseas. Others envision writing blank checks and becoming increasingly frustrated by unmet expectations. It's a word that has gotten a lot of media attention in recent years and has served as a key issue for many political campaigns.

Toward a Diversity-Competent Institution

An Ohio administrator and professor offers a 14-point framework for institutional change.

A Call to Action

Achieving a more gender-balanced enrollment in MBA programs requires understanding the gap and addressing it now.

FOR YEARS, PURSUING AN MBA has meant joining a mostly men's club. Male students have long been the norm at business school, and even today only one-third of students are women.

From the Student Up

Re-imagining undergraduate education through an experiment in 'intellectual entrepreneurship.'

Licensing: Opportunities and Pitfalls

Restrictive and exclusive product licensing practices may reduce complexities, but are they maximizing revenue?

Technology at the Technical College

Despite dwindling resources, technical schools can use partnerships and innovative technologies to graduate workers with more knowledge and higher-level skills.

The Net or the Noose

Develop sustainable financial aid strategies to prevent budgetary troubles.

A Krispy Kreme of a Retirement Plan

It's important to operate a plan according to Employee Retirement Income Security Act guidelines. Here's why.