Stifling Initiative

10 simple rules for crushing innovation and maintaining a culture of inertia

CHANGE IS NOT POPULAR. Heck, people hate change. It causes the status quo to become unsettled and the familiar starts to go away, replaced with uncertainty. Our comfort zone is demolished and we have to try to resettle into uncharted territory.

College Search Gone Bad

Top 10 search marketing mistakes made by colleges and universities

The .EDU Challenge

Moving beyond technology in maintaining a secure network

IT IS NO SECRET THAT EDUCATIONAL institutions are bearing the brunt of today's malicious software attacks. Bot-infected computers are rampant in the educational space, especially in colleges and universities where academic freedom often translates to unmanaged computers on a fairly wide-open network.

Joining Together, Catholics Can Compete

<em>A proposal for merging five Philadelphia-area institutions</em>

Who Cares About the Mission?

<em>Creating and leading through a meaningful mission statement</em>

DOES YOUR UNIVERSITY'S mission matter to your faculty, staff, and students? Do they even know what it is? Do they care?

I'll Bet You Made That Yourself

College and university websites aren't meeting user needs or acting as effective marketing tools.

"Access Act" Is Good News

How this legislation will help college students and the country as a whole

The Creative Campus: Sharing the Scene

What it will take for small campus performing arts centers to survive-and thrive

Short-Term Rates, Long-Term Savings

How debt diversification can help an institution.

The New Gold Rush?

Wireless opportunities for colleges and universities through EBS broadcast spectrum leases.