10 Twitter Tips for Higher Education

Making a home in the Twitterverse, one tweet at a time

Beyond Job Creation

A case for investing in America's 21st-century educational capacity and facilities

TODAY’S JOBS MEAN NOTHING without tomorrow’s education. To be sure, stimulus dollars should be deployed to create jobs now. But that deployment also represents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to invest in the expansion of our nation’s educational capacity and facilities.

Incubators for Economic Development

The role of regional state colleges and universities in driving new, high-impact ventures

Investing in Materials Management

How the right materials and campus design approaches can promote sustainability

Open Education: A New Paradigm

The promises of open technologies for education

Learning to Thrive: The University as Developer

Reasons to consider real estate development now—and how to get started

A USA TODAY HEADLINE states, “Tuition Hikes Will Ease.” The article opens, “The price tag for college tuition is continuing to climb this year, but experts are predicting less sticker shock than in the past two years.”

Restoring Ohio's Heritage in Higher Education

Journey to a world-class education system

THE EROSION WAS SO gradual that many of us failed to notice until great damage had already been done.

Smart Planning: Why Do Any Other Kind?

Defining a mandate for smart planning for higher education

THE GOOD NEWS? EVIDENCE from the Society for College and University Planning’s 43rd annual international conference supports the conclusion that there is a whole lot of “smart planning” for higher education going on.

Coming to Terms

How mediation can resolve campus disputes without litigation

DO ANY OF THE FOLLOWING campus disputes sound familiar to you?

--An academic department chair is struggling with warring factions among the faculty who do not get along and are engaged in petty in fighting.

Budget Crises Create Opportunity

Embracing a chance for change during difficult times