Stats Watch

Less Opportunity for Low-income Students

New study reveals low-income students have more difficulty pursuing education goals

A new report from the Pell Institute reveals that low-income students have less opportunity for higher education than their middle-income and higher-income counterparts.

Mental Illness on the rise

New study says students experience a high rate of mental illness

Business School Buzzkill

Survey says demand for traditional MBA programs is down

Business school applications were down for the second year in a row, according to the Graduate Management Admission Council (, which conducts annual application trends surveys. The 2004 survey, in which 238 programs from 143 schools participated, found that full-time, traditional two-year programs suffered the most. On the upside, more than half of executive MBA programs reported an increase in applications.

Drop In Diversity

The University of California Berkeley's population of black freshman dropped by 30 percent this year, much to the bewilderment of campus officials. Some attribute the drop in admissions to increased tuition costs or the elimination of affirmative action. Or it could be that recruitment efforts to attract low-income students have been restricted. Berkeley is no longer able to fly students from minority schools to campus for pre-application visits.