Sense of Place

Global Health Research Building at Duke University Medical Center

WIDESPREAD HEALTH CONCERNS CALL FOR COLLABORATIVE RE-search lab buildings like this one at Duke.

- FUNCTION: First of 13 National Institutes of Health-funded Regional Biocontainment Laboratories, available to NIH-funded researchers from Duke and elsewhere.

Sense of Place

Coastline Art Gallery at Coastline Community College (Calif.)

Sense of Place

TD Banknorth Sports Center at Quinnipiac University (Conn.)

The NCAA Division I men's and women's basketball and ice hockey teams at Quinnipiac University got a boost with the TD Banknorth Sports Center, the first building constructed on the grounds of the institution's new York Hill campus, which will eventually evolve into an area for living, learning, exercising, and eating.


Thompson Hall at the University of New Hampshire

Those familiar with the University of New Hampshire often hear its name and first think of Thompson Hall. UNH's original building, circa 1892, stands out on campus and appears everywhere from on letterheads to online. It's listed on the national historic registry, too.


Raclin-Carmichael Hall: Notre Dame and Indiana University School of Medicine

Located adjacent to the University of Notre Dame (Ind.) campus, Raclin-Carmichael Hall was built through a partnership that benefits two institutions and the greater community, which faces a shortage of doctors.

FUNCTION: Medical school building for education and research

Sense of Place

Arts Barn at Sweet Briar College (Va.)

Sense of Place

University of California, San Diego's Biomedical Library

FUNCTION: Library for students and faculty, as well as the San Diego region's biotech and life sciences communities and area physicians

Sense of Place

University of North Dakota Student Wellness Center

More than 100,000 square feet of wellness were added to the University of North Dakota's main campus in Grand Forks.

FUNCTION: To support emotional, environmental, intellectual, physical, social, spiritual, and vocational/occupational dimensions of wellness.

Sense of Place

Scott Hall of Medical Sciences at Wayne State U

Academic space doesn't evolve naturally into lab space. With that in mind, leaders at Wayne State University in Detroit have renovated the Gordon Scott Hall of Basic Medical Sciences so that it meets the school's current needs.

Old Dominion University (Va.) House of Blue

Is it a food court or is it a nightclub? Some creative renovations have made this space both.

FUNCTION: By day, the food court area of Old Dominion University's Webb Center offers franchise restaurants and room for studying and socializing. At night, students hit the same hot spot when they want a cool place to hang out.