Preparing your students for the digital job search

When your students graduate, they're entering a whole new world of job descriptions, resumes, cover letters, networking contacts, interviews, industry jargon, and career fairs. The whole process can be overwhelming.

What's more: Few university career service centers prep their students for the most important aspect of today's job search—all things digital.

Show Me the Money

There are scholarships available for just about anything these days. In addition to endowed scholarships for students with names such as Zolp, Scarpinato, Gatling, Baxendale, Hudson, Thayer, Downer, Bright, and Van Valkenburg, many organizations offer awards for specific talents or interests.

Market Meltdowns and Endowment Allocation

Strategies for new market realities

Taking a Stake in Campus Finances

Spreading the power of making investment decisions

The Windfall Gift

What large gifts mean for endowment managers and other campus leaders

Five Percent of Very Little Is Even Less

<em>Endowment spending decisions and restrictions are popular topics in the press.</em>

Consultants, Dealers, Services & Products

Use this supplier guide for information on the latest higher education resources. You'll find a wealth of ideas on these Web sites, or use the many toll-free numbers for immediate action. To connect to the links on this page, go to For advertising information contact Maureen Mollahan at 203- 663-0124,

Going Green While Saving Green: A Little Bit Means A Lot

When it comes to finding individual ways to save energy-and consequently, money-Florida State University takes a leadership role. The Tallahassee campus's 50 top fuel-consuming buildings have been treated to $8 million worth of energy-smart upgrades in their lighting, HVAC systems, and windows. Specifically:

Insulated thermapane replacement windows replaced the old wooden ones that leaked 10 times more air.

High-pressure sodium lamps have supplanted incandescent bulbs and use only 30 percent of the energy.

Going Green While Saving Green: When Trash Reign Supreme

Going Green While Saving Green: Building and Refurbishing for Energy Savings

How to work toward a comprehensive energy plan.