Money Matters

Strategy and Operations in Financial Aid

You can't have one without the other. Here's why.

An excellent strategy, poorly executed, will almost always fail. This is particularly true in financial aid offices, where timing, top-notch service delivery, and effective processing can be just as important as the financial aid offer itself.

10 Rules for a Solid Admissions/Financial Aid Partnership

Collaboration and communication between these departments help an institution thrive.

Setting Tuition: Key Factors to Consider

Higher ed, like any business, must listen to the "voice of the customer" in pricing deliberations.

What's Your FAOTQ?

How to determine your financial aid office's "technology quotient."

Financial aid offices, more than any other administrative office on a college campus, have been forced to use technology via external agencies. Federal student aid programs, as well as many state programs, can now only be administered by linking to external databases, such as the Federal Central Processing System (CPS) and the Pell Grant payment system.

Repositioning Price

As they compete against private institutions, public IHEs need to rethink financial aid.

Organizing for Effective Stewardship

Collaboration and teamwork are key ingredients for managing donated funds.

Keeping Trustees Up To Speed

Trustees need to know more than just the trends in the tuition discount rate.

Profile of an Effective Financial Aid Director

We're growing a new generation of financial aid leaders, and they'll need these five skills

Reading Your Metric 'Gauges'

Savvy financial aid directors use metric 'dashboards' to track what's really important