Internet Technology

Catching Copy Cats

With the wide number of anti-plagiarism tools available today, students looking to lift others' work don't stand much of a chance.

The fall semester opened this year with unprecedented concern over the scope of plagiarism in higher education. A virtual epidemic of cheating, or perhaps just a new awareness, has spread across the academic world. A web search for "plagiarism" reveals numerous articles published this past summer alone in the higher education press.

Going Beyond Google

There's a treasure trove of valuable research online--if you know how to find it.

Wireless Spreads Out

IHEs find new ways to tie mobile technology to teaching and administrative services.

A Web of Fraud

Viruses and worms were just the start. Make way for phishing, spoofing, and spyware.

Internet 2005: The Gorilla Gets Bigger

Even as it grows more useful, the internet is still an unwieldy beast.

Web Content Management

Controlling the website when everybody wants a piece of the action.

The webmaster, once seen as a hero and magician, is now in danger of being viewed as a bottleneck. No lone person, or even a central office, can be responsive enough to keep today's complex higher education websites stocked with up-to-the minute information. On the other hand, if dozens of individuals and offices create their own web materials without coordination, a website can splinter into unnavigable chaos. This dilemma is motivating many savvy webmasters to start moving their institutions in the direction of web content management software (WCMS).

The Dark Horses of Campus Computing

New technologies and services will keep IT administrators on their toes.

The Case for Clusters

Looking to maximize server and storage capabilities? Clusters are the key.