Internet Technology

A Second Life for Higher Education?

Virtual worlds may wind up breathing new life into teaching, learning, and creative expression.

Facebook, MySpace, and Co.

IHEs ponder whether or not to embrace social networking websites.

To be or not to be on MySpace, Facebook, and other social networking websites? That is the question. With the growing interest in these online marketing and PR newcomers, higher ed leaders are wondering about making the leap and setting up a presence in such uncharted-and often described as dangerous-waters.

PR on the Web 101

Institutional Public Relations teams may be preventing their schools from getting deserved media coverage. Here's how the web can help.

10 Tips to a Successful Website Redesign

Web professionals who have "been there, done that" share some pointers.

10 Tips for Surviving a CMS Switch

Make the switch to a new content management system as seamless as possible.

License to Recruit?

Admissions-sponsored student blogging can get real results for your institution.

Student blogs that are sponsored by Admissions offices have quickly spread all over the country. If you haven't started a blog like this yet, you are probably looking at what other institutions are doing with great interest, envy, or fear-and definitely with some pressing questions.

Internet Technology: RSS: The Next Big Thing in University Web Communications

Investing in this technology can help get an institution's news delivered-and read.

It's 10 a.m. Do you know how many messages are sitting in your e-mail box and what's happening on your campus, in your state, or in your professional field? So much information, so little time.

The Brand (Brave?) New World Of Online Public Relations

Ready or not, IHEs must strategize about how they appear in mentions on the web.

The Power of Podcasts

Universities explore mp3 technology as a new marketing tool.

With more than 30 million iPods sold since 2001, chances are you've witnessed the invasion of these small digital players and their matching distinctive earphones on campus. Your students, their parents, your alums, their kids, and your faculty and staff have likely seen or used one. Supported by the so-called "net generation" as much in love with cutting-edge technology as with on-demand music, the arrival of this fashionable device at colleges and universities has opened the door to a digital audio revolution in higher ed: podcasting.

Catching Copy Cats

With the wide number of anti-plagiarism tools available today, students looking to lift others' work don't stand much of a chance.

The fall semester opened this year with unprecedented concern over the scope of plagiarism in higher education. A virtual epidemic of cheating, or perhaps just a new awareness, has spread across the academic world. A web search for "plagiarism" reveals numerous articles published this past summer alone in the higher education press.