Internet Technology

How to YouTube with Success

Six tips for optimizing online videos

Social Media Measurement 101

A seven-step plan to set up (and benefit from) a simple social measurement program

USING SOCIAL MEDIA IS JUST not optional anymore for many marketing, communications, PR, and web professionals working at colleges and universities. While Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, and LinkedIn as well as other social networking websites were only used by a small group of institutions just two years ago, they have now become default communication platforms for the majority in trying to reach and engage students, alums, and other constituents on their terms and at a minimum cost.

The ABCs of Mobile Marketing

Words to know in exploring this new frontier in higher education marketing

WHILE ONLY 19 PERCENT OF Americans aged 12 to 17 have ever listened to a podcast, according to the Pew Internet and American Life Project, many institutions have invested in academic or marketing initiatives to offer content and updates via podcasting. At the other end of the line, the possibilities for reaching and engaging the 75 percent of teens glued to their mobile phones are still mainly ignored by the majority of marketing strategists in higher education.

2010: Print to Web Odyssey?

A five-step plan for assessing and negotiating the transition from print to web publications

JULY 1 WILL MARK THE START of the new budget year in most institutions across the country. Nothing new, as that’s the regular budget cycle of higher education. But new this year are the deep cuts some budgets have undergone due to the economic situation.

Web Redesign on a Dime

Tools, tips, and tricks to revamp or upgrade an institutional website

More with Less

Seven ways to survive the budget crunch

Should You Twitter?

Real and effective communication, 140 characters at a time

It's the Community, Stupid!

A seven-step plan to raise and nurture any community online

Magazines: Gone Digital, Going Paperless?

Making decisions in the transition from print to digital for campus publications

It's 2008: Is Your 911 Website Ready?

<em>Eight tips for designing an institution's crisis web template</em>