Human Resources

The Other Minority

As employers, colleges and universities must ask themselves if enough is being done to bring in and accommodate the developmentally and physically disabled.

Think "workplace diversity," and people of various races and ethnicities likely come to mind. But those with disabilities are a group not to be forgotten.

Reining in Health-Care Costs

A little creativity can go a long way in managing the health-care crisis.

Universities have been more creative recently in controlling rising health-care costs for faculty and staff members. It's a defensive move: Premiums for employer-sponsored health insurance have been rising dramatically--premiums went up 59 percent, or five times the rate of inflation, between 2000 and 2004, according to a Health Research and Educational Trust survey. Still, cost-saving options are available, from self-insurance plans to stronger wellness programs to giving employees the chance to have telephone consultations with health-care providers.

Schools Cope with Federal Overtime Rules

Regulation changes have increased the number of employees eligible for overtime pay.

HR Software Options Can Be Overwhelming

How technology increases flexibility and security, and reduces administrative tasks.

Diverse Faculty Reflects Diverse World

You've worked hard to create a student melting pot, but what about your faculty?

Higher education institutions today realize the benefits of diversity, and recognize the contributions and achievements of a diverse faculty; not just one that is diverse in terms of race and gender, but one that is diverse in talents, experience, and teaching approaches. A diverse (in terms of race and gender) student body bodes well for attracting a diverse faculty, and vice versa.

The Administrator's Secret Weapon

Uncovering the hidden talent of your administrative staff.