70 Smart Revenue Generators (and Moneysavers)

Is there a school in the land uninterested in finding new, additional dollars? Not in these tough times. Here, gleaned from institutions of higher ed all over the country, are good, solid, revenue-generating ideas that are not related to tuition management. Some are classics, beautifully executed, others are novel ideas truly worth noting, and some are so, well, obvious, you may shake your head and say, "Now why didn't we think of that?"

Fundraising/Money Management

The Power of Information

Financial aid outreach programs help disadvantaged students dare to dream the impossible dream.

Grabbing the Grant

What will catch the attention of foundations, and entice the money grantors? Step away from the status quo, say those who made the grade.

Cancel that Commute

Newark IHEs lead the charge as commuter schools go residential.

Who would have thought that they'd be beating down the door to live in downtown Newark?" asks Steven Diner, provost of Rutgers University's Newark campus. "But they are."

Is Thin In?

Will the 'new' thin client contain spiraling campus computing and support costs, or is it just the 21st century's dumb terminal?

Alternatively Speaking

Looking ahead to an inflated economy, campus finance executives downplay stocks and bonds in favor of alternatives.

If investor sentiment could be correlated to movie choices, As Good As It Gets would probably be the big hit among ordinary investors this year: a recovering stock market, climbing home values, low interest rates--what's not to like?

Too Smart for Their Own Good

Academia once predicted the smart card would take campus services into the next millennium. Now it has virtually disappeared--or has it?

How Secure Are You?

University CIOs are leveraging new people, policies, and professional tools to ensure network security.

The Online Bookstore as Competitive Edge

Some are undisputed revenue generators; some are the best marketing tools a brick-and-mortar bookstore ever had. Either way, the online campus store is here to stay.

70 Smart Revenue Generators (and Moneysavers)