Where's America's Most Beautiful Campus?

In Staten Island, of course. Wagner was named "the college with the most beautiful campus" by The Princeton Review.

The Space Challenge

Facilities and outdoor spaces that are designed for learning, social interaction and student well being.

Testing, Testing

Ensure the success of students with online assessment tools.

In order to produce learned, well-spoken alumni, IHEs nowadays need to assess the skills and abilities of students when they first walk onto campus. "No college wants to churn out people who don't know their subject," one software company president has said. IHEs already know the GPA and SAT score of a student, as well as what his or her teachers thought of them through letters of recommendation, but sometimes, freshman arrive with reading, writing, and math skills that are in need of remedial education.

The emergence of Web Services

New technologies help colleges use data and services more easily, quickly and cheaply.

Web services technology is like special effects in motion pictures: the more effective it is, the less you notice it. In your office or in your class, web services is an enabling layer of technology that finds and accesses information. That's pretty much it. But the benefits of the technology are becoming very noticeable.

High-Tech Classrooms

IHE's Continue to Invest in AV/IT and Networking Technology for a Myriad of Reasons

Randal Lemke, executive director of the Fairfax, Virginia-based International Communications Industries Association (ICIA) defines smart classrooms as simply bringing audio-visual, telecommunications and information technology tools together.

On Top of Their Game

Colleges and universities find innovative ways to deliver meaningful staff training

Change is good

James Martin and James E.Samels of the Education Alliance discuss how to manage presidential transition.

Oh, What a Tangled Web...

Web content can be unruly. Here's how campus webmasters are using content management systems to gain control.

To Support and to Serve

Technical departments must employ good communication skills to manage an increasing list of responsibilities.

We've all felt it: the panic when the screen of your computer goes black, the frustration when it won't boot up again, no matter how sweetly you talk to it, that despair when you realize that the last time you backed up your data was before you spent two all-nighters on that career-breaking project.

Emerging Markets

Full-service markets are finding a niche on campuses, serving the students, faculty, community, and creating profits for the school.